Habersham Home

It all started in the small North Georgia town of Clarkesville. It was 1969 and Habersham Home founder, Joyce Eddy, had just been given the chance to operate a small antique shop located above an old laundromat. This was just the opportunity a woman of Joyce’s vision and energy would turn into the perfect blend of utility, artistry and soul.

Looking for ways to make her antique business more profitable, Joyce began crafting small, decorative purses from vintage wooden cigar boxes. They were an instant hit with customers and in 1972 Joyce decided to name her new venture Habersham Plantation after Georgia’s Habersham County and the plantations for which the area was known.

The ideas just kept coming. One day Joyce was driving by a local textile company and spotted a large pile of old discarded wooded spools. Struck by an idea, she purchased them and set about crafting them into candleholders, towel racks and other practical folk items. With the help of her sons and other family members, Joyce expanded Habersham’s offerings to include handcrafted furniture reflecting the American Country designs of the early 17th and 18th centuries.

As word spread and production demands grew, Joyce enlisted the help of woodworkers from her North Georgia region. This area had been a center for cabinetmaking since the early 1800s and the master craftsmen were well-schooled in the time-tested woodworking and joinery techniques that matched Joyce’s sense of style and function. She even designed her factory to work just like the 18th century cabinetmakers did, with individual artisans hand-finishing, signing and dating each piece of furniture they crafted.

Now , as then, the Habersham name is synonymous with the quality craftsmanship. Over the years, the company has dramatically expanded its custom capabilities to offer luxury fine furnishings and custom cabinetry designs for the entire home – the Habersham Home. From the kitchen and bath to the wine cellar, library and master suite, customers can choose from a versatile range of luxury furniture designs, unlimited finish options and cabinetry styles to create stunning looks that flow throughout the entire home.

Together Joyce and Matt are committed to bringing their customers true works of art that measure up to the Habersham mission:

*To Create beautiful, high quality furniture and cabinetry that will satisfy our customers for generations to come.

*To Conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and respect for our customers, associates and vendors.

*To Honor God in all that we do.