Jerusalem Inbal Hotel: A Luxurious Family-Friendly Experience in the Heart of the Eternal City

Jerusalem has a unique charm. The city is a mix of ancient and modern, with old stone synagogues and opulent Churches and Mosques sitting side-by-side with shopping malls, cinemas and the institutions of the modern Israeli government. The various religious groups live and thrive in relative harmony, creating an intermingling of cultures that I have yet to have seen in any other cities.

Sitting in the center of Jerusalem, the Inbal Hotel has much to offer any visitor to the city. The first advantage that immediately stands out is the amazing location. The hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the best attractions the city has to offer, including the Old City, the home of some of the world’s most beautiful religious shrines. Visitors also flock to the city for the historical sites, museums and markets. The Inbal staff were extremely helpful in recommending sites as well as explaining to us exactly how to get to them.

When not exploring the city, the guests can take advantage of all the luxury and amenities the deluxe hotel has to offer. The Inbal completed a series of renovations and the refurbished rooms are simply stunning. The deluxe hotel has pushed the boundaries of luxury with their new rooms and suites. The plush Presidential Suite boasts spacious rooms, a marble bath, complimentary bar and a balcony overlooking the Old City. In addition, the Hotel has opened a number of family rooms with extra space and a child-friendly design. The Family Suites have two premium rooms connected with a sliding door and an additional, external door that closes off the Suite, while leaving the internal doors open, allowing easy back-and-forth between the rooms without compromising privacy. The Old City Suite is the most superior family room in Jerusalem, a spacious three-bedroom suite overlooking Old Jerusalem, featuring three rooms connected by a private corridor and offers enough space and privacy for a family or group of six. The Inbal provides a host of activities for children including arts and crafts, aerobics, Playstation tournaments, chocolate workshops, movies and more.

Complementing the comfortable rooms, is the Inbal’s world class dining experience. Throughout the day, succulent grilled meats and cocktails are served by the hotel poolside in perfect for a delicious snack. At night, the chefs cook up culinary masterpieces. Upon receiving the menu at the hotel’s Sofia Restaurant, we were left with the nearly-impossible choice of which of the mouth-watering delicacies to order, opting in the end for the juicy seared tuna steak, accompanied by the scintillating chestnut and mushroom risotto. In addition to the regular gourmet dishes, the hotel is constantly offering new culinary events and specialties. During my visit, they hosted an all-you-can-eat soup festival. We decided to try the soups for lunch, and we ended up completely satisfied. As if I wasn’t impressed enough, the staff let me in on the plans for the summer: the chef takes advantage of the clear, temperate Jerusalem weather to host an outdoor Brazilian-style meat grill for the patrons – reason enough for me to return to the city.

Other amenities include the hotel’s state-of-the-art Spa, the first spa in Jerusalem to be certified by the International Spa Association – a testament to the hotel’s insistence on leading the Israeli hospitality industry. We were lucky enough to book the ‘couple experience’ – a private spa complete with Jacuzzi, massages, and even chocolate fondue. Also on-site are the hotel’s health and wellness facilities: a fitness center complete with instructors and exercise classes, as well as two pools.

In addition to hosting international tourists to the city, the Inbal has cemented its position as a business hub and host to important events and press conferences. The hotel’s Executive Lounge sits upon a balcony with a breathtaking view of the Old City walls. We sat taking in the sights and sounds of the Old City, enjoying the Lounge’s offering of sumptuous snacks and refreshing cocktails in the cool evening breeze. Business travelers to the hotel can take advantage of the technology center in the lounge, with Wi-Fi, printing and computer services. In terms of the Conference Hall, the concierge boasted with pride of the numerous prominent visitors to the hotel in recent months. In addition, many international correspondents and media teams vie for a place in the queue to broadcast from the hotel patio.

I had the chance to sit down over a coffee with Alex Herman, the hotel’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our hotel embodies the diverse and magical fabric that is Jerusalem,” he explained poetically, “this microcosm of tourists from near and far, local visitors and employees from all of the city’s neighborhood, is built on a unique mix of cultures and cooperation that cannot be found elsewhere.” The Inbal’s location, atmosphere and amenities truly provide a unique, significant experience that we won’t forget.

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