An Exciting Spin on the Traditional Handbag

Introducing Custom Bag Designs by Anca Barbu, a line of hand-painted custom bags, allowing customers to express their individuality, putting an exciting spin on the traditional handbag. Instead of a plain purse, Anca customizes each bag to pop with color, vibrancy and excitement. She uses top quality paint to ensure each detail added lasts forever. Barbu hopes to transform the idea of wearable art and expressionism by toting the bags and going beyond the everyday accessory. Each creation is strategically painted to reflect various pop art themes, ranging from rainbows and pineapples to the famous Campbell’s soup can, and Anca can bring forgotten bags in the back of the closet to life again by painting trending topics onto them! Since art is ageless, the artist has managed to cover every age demographic for females.

Anca began exposing her paintings in fine art galleries around New York City and Europe before moving to Miami and starting her first business, BrushCases, followed by her recent venture, Custom Bag Designs. She uses her art knowledge and business skills to get her product in the hands of influencers and stores. No two bags are like and some designs include Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Matisse, Henri Rousseau and Vincent Van Gogh among many other masters of art.

Barbu states, “As an artist there are always challenges, as you always have to work hard and put yourself out there. Artists who work hard and expose all the time have a higher chance of being discovered. With time and experience, I have found the art business to be less challenging than before. Since my main medium of art involves wearable art, handbags and accessories, my market is far wider than that of a regular artist, who only paints on canvas or walls. I’ve always found accessories and handbags exciting and I found a way to get my art in people’s hands in a more easily accessible way than the traditional canvas painting.”

Launched in July 2018, Anca’s business is based in Miami and she been painting for 10 years. Prices vary on product, ranging from $40 for a small wallet to $500 for a large, genuine leather high-quality bag. Anca attends many popular craft markets and is a resident vendor for Wynwood Art walk and Fort Lauderdale “FAT Village” Art Walk, Carnaval on the Mile, Sunfest and Art Basel.

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_Anca Barbu is a Miami based pop artist, painting professionally for 10 years with a successful art business, making iPhone cases for 5 years. Anca has now launched Custom Bag Designs, creating painted high-quality bags for various customers. She also customizes designer and vintage bags and accessories. Anca is originally from Romania in Eastern Europe but grew up in North Carolina and moved to Miami to start her business in a friendlier environment and climate. Anca went to business school in NYC, studying International Business and Marketing. She has procured several high-scale projects and her fine art and paintings have been featured in several galleries around the world.