What Goes Around Comes Around Honoring Gianni Versace

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, the premier luxury vintage retailer What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) recently hosted an exclusive takeover of the Versace Mansion.

What Goes Around Comes Around curated and presented a retrospective installation at the Versace Mansion, featuring iconic archival pieces from Gianni Versace through the years, and honoring the work of the designer.

The takeover was presented by Bentley Motors and La Fleur Bouquets.

Bentley Miami created a pair of limited-edition Bentayga V8 SUVs inspired by the city’s spirit and distinguished by bold paintwork and luxurious detailing, which were unveiled for the first time at the event.

La Fleur Bouquets created all floral arrangements for the event, including an elegant flower wall with their iconic roses.

Gianni Versace forever altered the art of the runway show by tapping into the power of celebrity, eschewing all anonymity for otherworldly models and star-studded front rows. His brash brand of sensuality was crystalized by the supermodels of the 1990’s that he helped create.

Powerful and unapologetic of their desirability, their personification of the Versace woman built an air of aspiration around the brand. A supermodel cast was complemented with a star-studded audience, creating a glamorous spectacle where the attendees on and off the runway demanded as much attention as the clothing.

The very first to relish and harness the interest of the public, his theatrical runways set the framework for the media driven shows we are so familiar with today. With an intense curiosity about the new, he absorbed the world around him and projected those dreams onto every design, creating a fully realized world culminating in his legendary villa now known as Casa Casuarina.

What Goes Around Comes Around presented a curated collection of Gianni Versace’s greatest hits. Each piece from the retrospective speaks to an iconic facet of Gianni’s legacy, where more is never enough, and all that glitters is, most certainly, gold. It’s plain to see his expressive energy and spirit reflected through every silk print and studded frock. This broad range of Gianni Versace’s work celebrates his lifelong dedication to dressing confident, fearless men and women unafraid to express themselves and be seen.

Please visit www.whatgoesaroundnyc.com to experience and shop the collection in real life.

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