Power, Confidence, and Strength Masterfully Designed in 18k Gold

Fine jewelry designer, Kimberly McDonald, is launching her new King Collection. A masterful line of 18k Gold, handmade, pieces featuring a grand lion motif. The collection includes a range of bold pieces from cufflinks and lapel pins to large pendants and rings. Each piece is adorned with piercing diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire eyes.

The King Collection is as bold and commanding as its namesake. The collection has made waves among Hollywood A-listers like Academy-Award nominee, Terrence Howard whose character, Lucious Lion, wears the lapel pin on the acclaimed Fox drama, Empire.

Kimberly McDonald launched her eponymous jewelry line in 2007 has remained true to her brand’s core philosophy “Nothing is better than nature”, and the King Collection is no exception. The lion has long been a symbol of power, confidence, and strength, so it is no surprise that Kimberly McDonald drew inspiration from the magnificent being for this collection.

Known for her love of all things natural, Kimberly McDonald’s philosophy is creation without destruction. It is more than a foundation for her work as a designer; it also informs how the brand operates. Sustainability is integral to its existence and while Kimberly seeks out the finest natural materials using reclaimed gold and recycled diamonds, her aesthetic lets nature speak for itself. From geode pendants and rings to agate bookends and rare minerals specimens, she always stays true to her philosophy: nothing is better than nature.

The NY based jewelry designer has been known to attract a large celebrity clientele. Stars like Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Victor Cruz, Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Steph Curry and more all crave Kimberly McDonalds’ one-of-kind luxury that stays true to Mother Nature’s original beauty. Kimberly McDonald has always had a deep love and appreciation for nature and these attributes have found their way into her home decor and fine jewelry line.

For more information on the King Collection, please call Kimberly McDonald’s Los Angeles boutique at (310) 432-0568 or New York corporate office at (646) 205-9994. To view a select number of Kimberly McDonald’s jewelry online, please visit bit.ly/KMDonG.

_Items shown subject to availability.