Let There Be Light, But No Wires

Innovative British luxury brand Alexander Joseph recently launched its latest one of a kind cordless lamp, Atlas.

Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Titan who was commanded by Zeus to carry the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, the Atlas lamp is meticulously hand-crafted over a 12-week period.

Four copper blue glass spheres escalating in size are hand-blown in the finest English glass, then ribbed using traditional hand tools. The translucent orbs simultaneously reflect and refract light, providing a myriad of shapes and colors. The chromed stainless-steel collars have been painstakingly made by hand to fit the ribbed spheres perfectly. These imperceptibly convex crafted components are designed to provide additional reflective properties.

A bespoke sixteen-inch drum shade wrapped in fine turquoise silk lovingly rolled around a hand-crafted frame finishes the piece.

As with all Alexander Joseph battery-operated lamps, users are guaranteed 52 hours of continuous use per charge, which works out to three to four weeks of regular use. Atlas is supplied with a certificate of authenticity at RRP £4,280.

The lighting revolution has begun. British company Alexander Joseph is changing the way we look at interiors with a range of completely cordless, custom-made luxury lamps created with some of the UK’s finest artists and product designers.

If you hate unsightly wires and are tired of hiding cables under carpets or rugs, these lamps are the stylish solution; you can even take your lamp to the garden for dining alfresco if you wish.

Inventor Mark Robinson came up with the idea after unsuccessfully trying to find such a product. His extensive online search revealed cordless lamps were typically cheap novelty or garden products, and he recognized the gap in the market.

Working with a team of British designers and artisan craftsmen, he developed the ultimate cordless lamp, featuring specialist patented battery cells for longer life.

With vintage-styled LED bulbs, the lamps are powered by high-density lithium ion batteries and high-tech electronics housed in a sealed base.

The ceramic and glass bodies are all hand-made by master craftsmen in small workshops, and the finished product is 100% British.

In a nod to British quality and heritage, each lamp collection is named in honor of a renowned stately home, including Blenheim Palace, Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth.

The lamps are crafted to appeal to discerning homeowners, high end retailers and the luxury interiors market. Most are priced from £1,300 to £2,500, with one-off designs starting from £16,000. The 24ct gold and blue lamp, for example, a bespoke creation featuring sapphire blue crystal impregnated with 24ct gold, is priced at around £20,000.

For more information, please visit www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk.