Enter the Very Private and Restricted Time Sphere of Swiss Quality Certification

Lebois & Co announced their newest model, the Venturist, last year. It is the second model of the recently relaunched historical Swiss made watch brand. The Venturist is a stylish tool watch that stands out for its sturdy yet refined design, while its intricate inner workings are visible through a transparent back. The aesthetics are elegantly contemporary yet subtly inspired by the longstanding Lebois & Co design tradition.

TIMELAB’s Observatoire Chronométrique+ (OC+) standard

Quality and reliability are not claims that Lebois & Co makes lightly. To give watch lovers the certainty they deserve, every Venturist is tested by independent Swiss horology laboratory TIMELAB. TIMELAB is a Swiss foundation operating under the authority of the State of Geneva and its experience in watchmaking laboratory dates back to 1886. The renowned laboratory has three activities: the Poinçon de Genève (Geneva Seal) certification, the Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification and a horological laboratory. With their Observatoire Chronométrique+ standard, Timelab has introduced a stringent certification that is open for Swiss made watches. The Venturist will be provided with Timelab’s OC+ standard.

The OC+ certification is based on more thorough and comprehensive testing than the standard ISO 3159, which allows the watch to receive the title of ‘chronometer’, used and followed by laboratories such as COSC. Instead of only verifying the chronometric performance of uncased movements, the OC+ procedure does so ‘on-the-wrist’ for the fully assembled watch, under various conditions. The power reserve, and resistance to water (up to 100 meter in the case of the Venturist) and magnetism are put to the test as well. Every individual Venturist is tested in Geneva for 21 days and is only awarded the ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certificate if all tests are 100% successful.

Dare to venture: become part of the brand

For a limited time, Lebois & Co offers the Venturist along with shares of the company (25 shares, representing an investment of € 1,000). This way watch lovers can acquire an extraordinary timepiece and at the same time become part of the company that creates them.

To underline the special connection of the brand with its co-owners, the first watches will be a limited shareholder edition, and will be provided with a subtle shareholder mark on the back of the case.

For more information, please visit www.leboisandco.com/daretoventure.

_About Lebois & Co. _

Lebois & Co is a watch producer with a rich history that goes back to 1934. The illustrious brand was re-launched in 2014 by Dutch watch aficionado and entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick. Since then Lebois & Co acquired funds in three Kickstarter campaigns and successfully introduced three editions of its first model, the Avantgarde Date, as well as the possibility to order double-signed or customized watches. With the new Venturist model, Lebois & Co takes the next step in building its selection of distinctive, high quality mechanical watches.