A Kitchen that Blends Beautifully into any Environment

Poggenpohl presents +SEGMENTO Y, a fresh reinterpretation of the classic +SEGMENTO collection whose exacting details from the floor to ceiling join spaces into a coherent whole. New matte finishes give the entire ensemble contemporary modernism while the innovative nanotech surface prevents any unsightly fingerprints.

Compact and confidently monochromatic, +SEGMENTO Y is exclusively available in black, white or gray. +SEGMENTO Y delivers an uncluttered first impression, leaving room to personalize with objects and artwork, while providing expansive storage solutions to hide appliances and kitchen gear.

This clean, undisturbed minimalism is made possible by +SEGMENTO’s unique channel system which creates the illusion that the 14mm counter panel floats effortlessly while offering a fingerhold to open handless cabinetry below.

+SEGMENTO Y is the kitchen that blends into any environment without dominating it. In limited space in the city or a spacious area in a country home – this is what luxury looks like today.

For more information, please visit www.poggenpohl.com.

About Poggenpohl. _Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: the company has been developing, designing and producing luxury kitchens at its premises in Herford, Germany for more than 125 years. The benchmarks for Poggenpohl are always people and their needs, social change and looking towards the future. Nationally and internationally. 450 Poggenpohl Studios all over the world offer first-class consulting and design expertise with the aim of turning customers’ ideas into “their” perfect kitchen.