Blue Titanium Wearable Works of Art

Lugano Diamonds, best known for its worldwide connections to procure some of the rarest, most unique and largest stones, has crafted an intricate earring collection comprised of stunning shades of blue titanium.

“Our clients seek the most extraordinary and detailed jewelry,” said Moti Ferder, CEO of Lugano Diamonds. “Lugano’s pieces are renowned for their beautiful stones and meticulous craftsmanship. Colored titanium adds an intriguing element of color contrast and design to our wearable works of art.”

Lugano’s earring collection faceted of blue titanium includes:

Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings: Lugano has formed an exquisite family of sapphires. Each hoop features a 10-carat cushion cut sapphire surrounded by 16 carats of sapphires. Among these gorgeous sapphires are nearly eight carats of round brilliant collection VS diamonds. These gemstones alone are swoon worthy, but what makes them unreal are all the blue titanium accents. The titanium color complements and allows the sapphires to astound its beholder.

Mother of Pearl and Diamond Earrings: Lugano Diamonds’ drops present more than four carats of collection VS diamonds. Each diamond is surrounded by elegant mother of pearl accents. The subtle color and details of blue titanium make these drops truly intriguing. Trails of round brilliant collection VS diamonds further accentuate the understated elegance of these earrings.

Diamond Titanium Leaf Earrings: Shades of cobalt to cerulean blue fan out across these intricately designed titanium leaves. Each earring is a realistic interpretation of the simple beauty and unique angles in this foliage. Infused with nearly three carats of round brilliant collection VS diamonds, each earring culminates with a fetching pear-shaped diamond.

These blue beautiful pieces can be viewed by appointment at Lugano’s salons. For more information, visit

_About Lugano Diamonds

Lugano Diamonds is a private international diamond and jewelry company founded in Israel by Moti Ferder with the vision of creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind wearable works of art. In 2005 the company established itself in North America with the opening of its Grand Salon in Newport Beach, Calif. Since its inception, Lugano’s worldwide connections to procure the rarest, most unique and largest stones enable the company to consistently produce stunning creations. Controlling all facets of production, Lugano’s master craftsmen create each piece of jewelry to the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail. Lugano has locations in Newport Beach, Calif., Aspen, Colo., and Palm Beach, Fla.