Dispensing and Storing Solutions for Serious Wine Enthusiasts

Napa Technology recently announced the release of a new product, WineStation® Cellar. Designed for the serious wine enthusiast and collector, WineStation® Cellar is engineered for optimal wine dispensing, preservation, and storage. The Cellar combines the powerful WineStation, North America’s #1 Intelligent Dispensing System, with a high capacity wine cooler. This product allows wine collectors to keep their stored wines in pristine condition for years to come.

The WineStation® Cellar stores up to 80 bottles of wine in the ideal temperature-controlled environment, which is customizable to suit each collector’s needs. It also dispenses opened wines through the industry leading WineStation®, located on the top portion of the Cellar.

WineStation® is the most effective temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system in the marketplace today. With an argon gas preservation system, opened bottles are kept fresh for 60 days inside the unit and 14 days outside of the unit. It also has three pour options: taste, half, and a full glass (from .25 – 8 ounces). The preservation and pouring accuracy features allow collectors to savor opened wines across multiple occasions, or even pair different wines to various courses at dinner parties without worrying about wines going to waste.

“The way you store and preserve your wine is so important to the longevity and preservation of your collection,” says Nick Moezidis, CEO of Napa Technology. “We are thrilled to provide a solution for serious wine enthusiasts that will keep their wines cellared in optimal conditions. You’ll also reap all the benefits that come with WineStation®, allowing you to keep your opened wines preserved so you can savor them across multiple occasions if desired.”

The cooler is equipped with easy-to-use electronic controls, and a humidity reservoir which allows the humid air to be taken out of the fridge. These features keep the wines cool and crisp, preserving them for years to come in optimal conditions.

Capacity: With seven shelves to rack your wines onto, this large wine refrigerator has an overall capacity of 10.6 cubic feet. The Cellar can comfortably store 80 bottles (storing two rows of bottles per shelf). An additional four bottles are stored and dispensed through the WineStation®.

Cooling: A humidity reservoir and temperature range of 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit helps to keep the environment inside the unit crisp and cold, allowing wines to stay chilled for a prolonged time.

Design: The classic and elegant design of this cooler looks great among any home decor.

For more information, please visit www.napatechnology.com.

_About Napa Technology. Napa Technology is the worldwide provider of the most effective intelligent wine preservation and dispensing technology found in the marketplace today. Napa Technology designed and manufactured the industry leading WineStation®, SpiritStation, and the newly launched WineStation® Cellar. Their solutions have been adopted by the hospitality, entertainment, arena, and foodservice industries as an improved way to serve, preserve, increase sales, and capitalize on available customer preference data. Napa Technology is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

_About WineStation®Cellar. WineStation® Cellar is engineered for optimal wine dispensing, preservation, and storage. The Cellar keeps stored wines chilled at optimal temperatures and keeps opened wines at peak freshness through the WineStation®, which eliminates wine spoilage and waste. Loaded with features and elegant design, WineStation® Cellar is a popular choice that will perfectly blend into any home, hotel, restaurant, or wine bar.

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