A Work of Art Created by the Heart of the Earth

Exclusive Stone: Louise Blue

Antolini has consistently drawn from the creativity of Mother Nature herself, while continuously remaining a leader in stone processing. Antolini has perfected the elegance natural stones have to offer through Haute Nature.

Louise Blue is a pure exhibition of all nature’s wonders devised into one. Incorporated into this stone is an array of colors swirled together, creating a full natural fantasy of hinted shades of dawn, the rising sun, crystalline emerald-green waters, massive plots of mountains and rock, and illimitable forests.

This quartzite, a work of art created by the heart of the earth, is a symbol of unintentional creativity that’s been alive much longer than Mankind’s imagination. The intrinsic qualities of this natural stone make Louise Blue one of Antolini’s more inspiring stones, bound to catch the eyes of others in almost any setting.

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Rooted in over 60 years of experience, Antolini has constantly evolved as the leader of innovation with technology and development in natural stone processing – without forgetting the importance of quality. Synonymous with excellence and exclusivity, Antolini processes and markets natural stones, bringing out their innate beauty through the concept of Haute Nature by a designer who has provided the world with the most artful creations: Mother Nature.