Creating the Perfect Work-From-Home Space

As millions of Americans have settled into a new “work from home” routine and spend more time in their homes than ever before, focus is brought back to our interior spaces and how we utilize them. Creating an interior workspace that brings a sense of calm, organization and serenity during unprecedented times is a great way to harness the extra time we have on hand and create environments that can increase productivity levels. Whether building out a full-blown at-home office for the new normal or re-arranging a simple cozy corner nook to bide one’s time, many may be turning their attention this month to creating spaces that maximize both productivity and comfort.

Here is some professional insight from trusted interior design experts and horticultural specialists on how to best configure your interiors and incorporate rejuvenating plant life to create your own indoor oasis:

Face Your Desk Perpendicular to a Window

Configuring a desk or temporary work table next to a window allows one not only to enjoy a view of the outside world while working, but also eliminates the issue of glare as the sun’s reflections can disrupt screen visibility and therefore workflow. Tracey Sawyer, Founder of award-winning New York-based interior design firm, Sawyer & Company, recommends finding a window that faces a quiet outdoor space, and setting up a desk facing perpendicular to the window for increased productivity – and hopefully more peace of mind.

Create a Corner Oasis

A great way to add some life into your space is to add biophilic touches to your corners and windows. Bringing the outdoors in does wonders for productivity and overall wellbeing and can be just the touch of green you need for spending your days indoors. Adding lush greenery to your corners not only enhances energy flow, but indoor plants can also replicate the feeling you get from spending time in nature, reducing stress and instilling a sense of calm into your space - something we can certainly all use these days.

PlantShed recommends starting with one large plant within proximity of your work desk, like a fiddleleaf fig. Large plants such as these often require minimal maintenance while providing maximum greenery.

Hanging Storage for Multi-Functional Spaces

When designing hotel rooms for some of the biggest names in hospitality such as Marriott, Hilton, and Westin – the Sawyer & Company team knows all too well that just one desk may also need to function as a bar top, breakfast table, virtual conference room, and much more. Ensuring your desk area is equipped with creative shelving is essential in decreasing clutter and fostering a productive workspace. Tracey Sawyer suggests incorporating a wall-mounted bookrack to free up shelf, floor and tabletop space.

Small Succulents That Make a Big Difference

The smallest details can have the largest effect in a space one returns to every single day. Adding a few succulents to your desk and shelf area is a simple and effective way to add no-hassle plant life into your at-home office.

Get Creative with Storage and Shelving

Not only are shelves important for general organization and storage of work materials but placing small art pieces throughout shelving is a great way to liven up and bring color into your work area. Tracey Sawyer recommends placing rod lighting above shelf areas to ensure work materials and art are well lit.

Create an Alternate Workspace

Like lounge areas in offices, consider creating an alternate spot to work away from your desk to stimulate creativity or as a comfortable space to take a break and refresh. Tracey Sawyer recommends positioning a couch or lounge chair by a window or overhead light and using a small stool or coffee table to create a more informal seating area to escape to when in need of a change of scenery.

Have a Virtual Plant Consultation with Experts

If you need a little extra help curating your at-home-office greenery, PlantShed’s Virtual Plant Consultation offers one-on-one advice from the comfort of your home. PlantShed’s designers will take a look at your indoor or outdoor space and discuss ideas for future improvements – simply choose a 30-minute time slot and their experts will connect on video to assess your space.

Incorporating these simple adjustments to your at-home workspace, no matter where it may be, can make all the difference in hitting your workday stride. With many people working from home for the foreseeable future, forming one’s own haven of productiveness to weather the storm can provide just the solace needed to continue business as usual.


Sawyer & Company is a New York-based boutique design studio that creates thoughtful, inspired interiors for hospitality and travel destinations. Founded by Tracey Sawyer, the award-winning firm has been developing unique design experiences since 2010, ranging from international brand prototypes to independent boutique destinations.

Taking a holistic approach to design, Sawyer & Company seamlessly blends the guest experience with a brand’s unique identity and neighborhood culture to create physical spaces that withstand the test of time.

The company’s strength lies in an inherent ability to create thoughtful travel concepts that inspire and fascinate. Sawyer & Company designs with a fundamental appreciation for the relationship between interior, exterior, locality and history, in addition to a considerate approach to the guest experience and a passion for travel.

The firm has worked with a wide roster of luxury and lifestyle clients, and numerous brands under global hospitality giants including Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott.

Sawyer & Company is WBE Certified in New York City, New York State, Port Authority of NY and NJ, and nationally.

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PlantShed is a family-owned and operated business that has provided unparalleled service and high-quality plant life to New York since the 1950’s. Its original location is housed inside a lush 10,000 square foot facility on the Upper West Side that boasts a rooftop greenhouse (a space from which the company has been operating since 1981). From this facility, PlantShed continues to service tri-state area residents and corporate clients with floral delivery, plant installation and maintenance, as well as creative floral event design. In 2018, PlantShed has introduced its new floral café concept at two new Manhattan locations, 555 Columbus St. on the Upper West Side and 1 Prince Street in Nolita, where florals are served up alongside artisanal coffee, tea, matcha and light bites.

PlantShed strives to make purchasing plants and flowers an easy, exciting, and informative process so that their customers can experience the same joy we have in working with nature. Their exceptional team has a diverse background in landscape design, floral design, fashion, and horticulture – allowing the company to create customizable and tailored arrangements for every occasion. Whether they are transforming a space with a dense forest of tropical foliage or helping style an intimate gathering, PlantShed approaches every event with a personal, professional, and seamless touch.

Offering an ever-evolving pottery collection, PlantShed’s staff finds a unique balance between current trends and a timeless, natural look that pairs well with their diverse selection of interior and exterior plants. The design-centric company has collaborated with global leaders ranging from Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Kith, and Kirna Zabete to WeWork, The Grammys and more.

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