Yachting Lifestyle Partnership Launches to Experience the Out Islands of the Bahamas

Uniesse Marine Group, the manufacturer of Uniesse Yachts recently announced its Yachting Lifestyle Partnership Program for owners, family & friends of Uniesse yachts. This is an exclusive lifestyle experience for thousands of Uniesse stakeholders around the world, enabling them to explore and enjoy the Bahamas, and all the Bahamian Islands have to offer.

The program is being launched through a partnership with the renowned Chub Cay Resort & Marina, in the beautiful Berry Islands, located in the center of the Bahama Island chain; and with Makers Air, offering private charter, and select seat destinations allowing passengers to experience the Out Islands of the Bahamas with frequent direct flights.

“We are excited to work with Chub Cay Resort & Marina and Makers Air,” said David Schwedel, Executive Director, Uniesse Marine Group. “Chub Cay is a gem in the middle of the Bahamian archipelago, an ecological oasis, which is comprised of 700 islands, 2,000 cays, and a total land area of about 5,400 square miles, of which less than 6% are inhabited; and Makers Air has been the airline to take us there for years.”

The Uniesse Yachting Lifestyle Partnership Program provides concierge-level booking and select offerings for airline, island, and marina bookings. “The program was developed as an extension of our service to the thousands of Uniesse stakeholders around the world, our ‘Uniesse family’. It will help them not only enjoy everything their yachts have to offer, but also provide them with select benefits that only being a part of the Uniesse family can enjoy,” stated Schwedel.

“We are thrilled to work with Uniesse in the coming years and look forward to welcoming people from the Uniesse family to Chub Cay Resort & Marina,” said David Renaud, General Manager. “Chub Cay offers a state-of-the-art marina, with floating docks for yachts 40’-160’, full-service fuel dock, customs clearance, and a newly updated Resort community including new hotel rooms, beach cabanas, villas, gorgeous Clubhouse, and so much more.”

“Makers Air has provided safe, reliable, and comfortable air service to more Out Islands than any other carrier,” said Sarah Swainson, Director of Private Charters. “We are looking forward to providing concierge-level service and attention to the Uniesse family. Our culture stems from a unified vision of experience-driven travel, meticulous safety measures, and a mutually threaded corporate fabric. Our fleet of private charter planes makes flying to the Bahamas not only convenient, but a pleasure. From the smile on your child’s face to the glow in your partners eyes, Makers Air guarantees to be an airline you can trust with your greatest interest at heart.”


Uniesse is one of the world’s leading high-end luxury yacht manufacturers building a line of yachts from 50’ – 120’. For more information, please visit www.uniesse.com.


Chub Cay Resort & Marina is at the southernmost tip of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas, 35 miles northwest of Nassau and 125 miles from South Florida. Located next to The Pocket and the Tongue of the Ocean, Chub Cay has been coined the “Billfish Capitol of the Bahamas.” Plenty of coral reefs, blue holes, walls, caves and shipwrecks to explore. The turquoise waters of the Bahamas naturally form breathtaking beaches. For more information, visit www.chubcay.com


Makers Air is the premier charter airline with regular flights to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. An airline for the adventurer or thrill seeker, the family getaway or solo escape, the professional in need of a
hassle-free flight, or anyone in between. Makers Air offers the trimmings of the most sought-after charter planes without any unwanted pretense or premiums. Makers Air is a boutique airline for travelers who seek a carefree, personalized and upscale alternative to the hassle of commercial flying. With both passenger and cargo services, Makers Air offers multiple daily flights at competitive prices. Detailed and meticulous safety measures, a tailored passenger experience and strong focus on customer service position Makers Air as the leading island airline. We connect passengers to paradise, crafting a travel experience that brings safe, reliable, memorable and convenient getaways to our customers. For more information, visit www.makersaire.com.