Bold New Industrial-Style Appliance Designs Built with Quality at the Core

Earlier this year Bosch home appliances, as one of the leaders in quality, built-to-last appliances and a brand that brings consumer insights and industry trends to the forefront of its innovations, expanded its award-winning cooking portfolio with a design-forward introduction: the 800 Series industrial-style ranges and rangetops.

The new Bosch industrial-style appliances were inspired by and invented for consumers seeking high-performing, reliable, easy-to-use cooking appliances that merge quality performance with a trending style to fit a variety of design needs.

“When creating the new line, our goal was to marry the bold, prominent look of professional-style appliances with the modern, sleek Bosch design philosophy,” said Anja Prescher, Director of Brand Marketing at Bosch home appliances. “As a result, the all-new Bosch industrial approach was born, offering a versatile product that fits perfectly into the Bosch family of appliances, while also offering a never-before-seen design option for our consumer.”

According to a study conducted by Houzz in 2019, more than 80 percent of renovating homeowners changed their kitchen style, with an increased interest in appliances that feature a professional look, feel and performance. The new 800 Series industrial-style cooking line from Bosch addresses this interest to offer consumers everything they need to get the most out of their kitchen.

Key features for the new models include:


  • The new Bosch 800 Series industrial-style cooking line brings urban sophistication to the kitchen with its bold approach, featuring die-cast metal, front-control knobs, continuous cast iron grates and pedestal feet.
  • All offered in 30” and 36” sizes, the industrial-style ranges are available in classic stainless steel as well as in black stainless steel, and the rangetops are available in stainless steel.

Power and Performance

  • The 36’’ gas rangetops offer six high efficiency burners, including two 18K BTU dual flame burners and 77K of power.
  • The Bosch Dual-Flame Ring Burner, available on range and rangetops, allows for better heat distribution and uniform cooking—all on the same burner. The technology allows consumers to go from one small flame—for precise simmering—to a dual flame—for powerful boiling—with just one burner and two concentric rings of flames.
  • The rangetops also feature the popular Bosch OptiSim® Burner Cap for more control of the flame at the lowest setting as well as more precise simmering and melting. The burner cap spreads the flame evenly across the base of the pot or pan, eliminating hot spots to minimize the risk of scorching.

Cooking Space and Efficiency

  • The front-control knobs boast 20 percent more cooking space,** with the inclusion of four burners on the 30” gas rangetop and six on the 36” gas rangetop, arranged on a smooth, continuous surface with edge-to-edge grates.
  • The industrial style gas ranges deliver multiple superior-quality burners—including five on the 30” range and the first 36” professional-style range with six burners—and layered racks in the oven cavity that together enhance performance, flexibility, and efficiency.
  • The new ranges offer a dual fuel option, featuring an electric oven for more precise temperature control. This also includes the Meat Probe, which measures the internal temperature of meats cooking in the oven and automatically shuts off when it reaches the appropriate temperature.


  • Due to its porcelain coating, the black enameled cooking surface in the new line is quickly and easily cleaned, with more resistance to scratches, abrasion, heat and stains. The surface can be cleaned with hot water and detergent, or mild cleaners.
  • New Bosch ranges and rangetops include removable burner parts for easier cleanup and greater accessibility of the maintop surface beneath the head and in the burner cap area.
  • The comprehensive enameling process enables the range and rangetop grates to be washed in the dishwasher, without worry of corrosion, cracks or discoloring during the cleaning process.
  • Bosch industrial-style range ovens feature a catalytic cleaning coating on the sides and back wall of oven cavity, which burns off soiled surface as it interacts with heat during the cooking process.

The new Bosch industrial-style ranges are the result of an intensive collaboration between designers and engineers from the company’s global cooking network and the Cooking Technology Center in Caryville, Tennessee.

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*According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

**Based on comparison of Bosch RGM8658UC 36” 6-burner rangetop to Bosch NGM8656UC 36” 5-burner gas cooktop

About Bosch home appliances

Bosch home appliances has been selling high-quality appliances in the United States since 1991. With a focus on engineering products that simplify life, Bosch is known nationwide for raising the standards in quietness, efficiency and design. Bosch frequently receives top ratings in leading consumer publications. Bosch home appliances is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich based BSH Home Appliances Group, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company operates manufacturing facilities in La Follette, Tenn., and New Bern, N.C., housing state-of-the-art factories for dishwashers, ranges, ovens and cooktops. Technology and Development Centers are located in Caryville and Oak Ridge, Tenn., and New Bern, N.C.